Learn new freestyle skills online and at monthly gatherings



Connect with other freestyle enthusiasts in a collaborative environment.

Enjoy access to the club’s private Facebook support group.


Share affordable rental costs for training.

Take advantage of free or low cost club-subsidized workshops.


Register for club-sponsored educational events before the general public.

Be part of an active freestyle club.

How to Become a Member

Participate in at least one Dancing Paws of ME event.

Attend one of our workshops or come to one of our meeting/open training get-togethers.  Email us to find out when the next one is going to take place.

Find a member to sponsor you.

Don’t know anyone in the club (yet)?  Introduce yourself so we can learn a little about you and someone (or several someones) will be happy to sponsor you!

Send your membership application

Click the application link on this page.

Mail it with your first year’s dues (currently $35) to the address on the form.

The membership will vote on your application and you will be notified of acceptance.


Online membership Application.  Fill in all the fields, and hit submit.  Remember to send your dues using the Paypal button at the bottom of this page.

What We Expect From Our Members

  • Be positive in your training.
  • Take advantage of training opportunities the club offers.
  • Be an active volunteer.
  • Respect that not all dogs want other dogs in their space.  Control your dog.
  • Reply to email requests for your input and ideas on club related matters.
  • Participate in the annual fundraising auction, as a donor, by bidding, or both!
  • Share… your joy and successes and those of other members.
  • Accept that things can and will go wrong, both in training and in performance.
  • Have fun!!