Our mission is simple: To promote and support the spirit and sport of canine musical freestyle.

Your freestyle journey may just be beginning.  Or maybe you have been struggling to find resources and support to help you move forward in the sport.  It was just this scarcity of freestyle opportunities in our area that resulted in the creation of Dancing Paws of Maine.  By 2014 eight interested dog trainers were exploring and competing in the brand new sport of Rally-FrEe and discussing how their shared commitment could translate into a Maine club dedicated to freestyle and related sports.  And it happened!

Our membership includes professional and amateur dog trainers, and people whose experience in music, art and freestyle, along with a willingness to learn new skills,  make for a rich freestyle community of individuals who share a passion for the sport.  We have members from southern, central and western Maine as well as New Hampshire.

Our Board of Directors


President: Paula Winsor

Secretary: Pat Nash

Treasurer: Diana Logan